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Protective waterproof transport containers (cases)

SKB Cases

SKB Cases


Shock Racks / Rolling Series - more than 40 items 3R / 2R Series - more than 28 items

Flat Screen Case Series - 3 items iSeries - more than 40 items

Defender aluminium boxes - 44 items

SKB was founded in 1977 in Anaheim, California and today it is a recognized world leader in the development and production of molded plastic transport cases and containers.

The company produces and continues to develop a wide range of solutions for transporting firefighter, rescue, industrial, military and other equipment.
SKB logo symbolizes perfect quality, maximum protection for all types of equipment and unmatched durability.

SKB Cases and containers are used for the transport of medical equipment and tools, professional video and audio equipment, computer server systems and field communication, such as dustproof and waterproof kits for scientific experiments and shockproof , dustproof and waterproof cases for cellular and satellite phones, as well as case studies for transportation of plasma and LCD monitors and transportation of firearms.

SKB containers are available in standard 19 "version of the 3U to 16U, depth 20", 24 ", 28", 30 "and have a degree of protection of installed equipment by external factors (high humidity, rain, dust static and dynamic) - IP65.

SKB containers are intended for use as a protective housing for various electronic systems such as the server and computing equipment, telecommunications equipment, processing and display of information and so on. And for improving the reliability of the set into containers for use in the field and / or transport vehicles (wheeled, tracked and rail transport, helicopter, aircraft, sea and river vessels, etc.) in conditions of vibration of single and repeated shocks, roll, spray, dust and other external factors.

SKB containers are sufficiently light in weight, protect the equipment from vibrations and shocks (include 8 elastic shock absorbers), water and dust-impermeable, chemically stable, resistant to cold -40°C and heat +98°C.

Products in RACK performance is presented in a wide range:

  • iSeries - 
  • 2R Series - 
  • 3R Series - 
  • RX Series - 
  • Luggage Style - 
  • Low Profile - 
  • MP Series - 
  • MR Series -
  • Flat Screen - 
  • Heavy Duty -
  • Rail Pack -
  • Multi Purpose - 
  • Roto Racks - 
  • Rolling Racks 
  • Removable Shock Racks - 
  • Roto Shock Racks - 
  • Roto Shockmount Rolling Racks - 
  • Roto Static Shock Racks -
  • Static Shock Racks - 
  • Shallow Racks -
  • Soft Racks - 
  • Specialty & GigRigs.
  • DEFENDER - New !   


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