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BIT ® Company welcomes its partners, those who are already time-proven, and those who are just planning to join the circle of friends. We express our gratitude for many years of collaboration and fruitful work, for confidence in us, our equipment and solutions. We are bringing to your attention the information prepared for you. We are sure that this information will help you to become familiar with our developments, our novelties and will be useful for you and your teams in many kinds of activity. Our company is distinguished by individual approach to each new task entrusted to us by our partners. Everything we do, we do qualitatively.

President of BIT ® Company,
Academician of Ukrainian Academy of 
Ph.D. Rostislav Sherstiuk
Technical director of BIT ® Company,
Alexander Loveykin



The team of BIT ® Company belongs among experienced groups, which has the history of network projects implementation since 90s of the last century. The company legally exists since 1999. The company features the ability to maintain a balance between experience and youth, wisdom and energy stability and development.

BIT ® Company, being a strong company, has its own registered trade mark for goods and services, which is highly esteemed. Its reputation is constantly protected and enriched. BIT ® Company is one of the leading companies on the Ukrainian market of network technologies. It performs integrated  projects, including:

  • SCS design;
  • installation of local, campus and enterprise networks;
  • supply and installation of active and passive communication equipment;
  • design, supply, installation and commissioning of supervision systems, information systems and computer networks, both in office and in business centers and industrial enterprises;
  • data processing centers of any complexity.

We have over the shoulders a solid portfolio of implemented projects, experience of cooperation with large industrial companies and research centers both in Ukraine and abroad. Our capital is, first of all, our customers and partners, with whom we make common cause; this is our team consisting of high quality professionals repeatedly demonstrated their capability in difficult situations; our projects which are as children for parents, are a source of pride for us. We are always open for cooperation.

Currently, it is dynamic developing team of professionals with extensive experience in scientific and practical activity. The Company features a comprehensive approach to problems solving.
Our partners are well-known corporations and companies on the market of information technologies, including such companies as: Rittal, Synergia, MUK, MTI, APC, Schroff, DKC, Ruggedcom, HP, IBM, Sony, Mobotix, Schneider Electric, General Electric, ABB and many others.

Quality management system of the company complies with ISO 9001:2008 international standard.
BIT ® Company was repeatedly the winner of the most prestigious nominations by the version of "Networks and Business" professional magazine:

  • The most beautiful SCS solution, 2007;
  • The most ambitious complex of SCS for operator’s data centers "Modernization backbone network" for Ukrtelecom ", 2009;  
  • The best SCS for data center "Creating a network infrastructure for server rooms of JSC "UMC", 2009;
  • The best application of fiber-optic solutions for data center "Transferring the data center of JSC "Ukrtelecom", 2009;
  • And others.

BIT ® Company belongs to Saturn ® Data International group.

The scale of implemented projects and diversity of resolved problems during their implementation, as well as many years of experience of Saturn ® Data International Company in the field of highly reliable technical solutions for process automation, features the company's readiness to cooperate in the implementation of projects of integrated management systems of all industries enterprises.

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