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Dräger Mobile Printer


Mobile thermal printers Dräger Mobile Printer complete with professional breathalyzers Dräger Alcotest® 6810 / 6820 / 7000 / 7410 Plus / 7510 OIML and Dräger DrugTest 5000 analyzers form functionally complete systems that allow reliable measurement of alcohol concentration in exhaled air in field conditions and testing for the presence of the most common narcotic and psychotropic substances in human saliva (by a non-invasive method) with operational documentation of the result at the scene on a paper medium with all the necessary information included in the printout to prevent falsification of the test results: serial number of the device and serial number of the printer, date and time conducting testing, ambient temperature, measurement result, necessary service fields for drawing up the protocol, signatures of persons, etc.

WARNING! For owners who have purchased a Dräger Mobile Printer from a certified sales point: Software version updates (for work with new versions of Dräger equipment) occur free of charge during the annual maintenance of breathalyzers and analyzers.

The mobile thermal printer Dräger Mobile Printer is designed for logging test results obtained:

  • by professional breathalyzers - Dräger Alcotest® 6810 / 6820 / 7000 / 7410 Plus / 7510 OIML
  • by analyzers of narcotic and psychotropic substances - Dräger DrugTest 5000
  • stations for functional testing of Dräger Bump Test Station gas analyzers of the Dräger Pac- and Dräger X-am series

 Advantages of the Dräger Mobile Printer

The mobile thermal printer Dräger Mobile Printer is able to work in "field" conditions - without connecting to the power supply network, without using wires to connect directly to the devices from which information is received, thanks to optical and infrared interfaces, saving time and providing reliability and convenience to users. The device is controlled by one button. Changing the paper is easy. The Dräger Mobile printer uses the principle of thermal printing. The technology is designed to ensure fast, silent and high-quality printing of the proof document. Thermal paper with a 7-year or 25-year (optional) shelf life. The use of thermal printing technology eliminates the need for ribbons or ink. Thus, low operating costs are ensured. Self-test functions in the Dräger Mobile Printer allow the user to receive hints in the form of sound and light signals and determine the health of the device. The Dräger Mobile Printer is compact, light, reliable, convenient, with the functions of connecting to a computer and printing text information from the keyboard.

  • The optical interface provides wireless transmission of measurement results from the Dräger Alcotest® 6810 / 6820 devices to the Dräger Mobile Printer.
  • The thermal printing system makes loading new paper super fast with the use of a latch button (opening the tray).
  • The Dräger Mobile Printer is turned off with the "On / Off" button or automatically after 4 minutes of rest.

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