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Dräger DrugCheck 3000

The compact, sensitive and fast Dräger DrugCheck® 3000 test kit based on the non-invasive method provides reliable results without the use of laboratory methods. Sample collection for analysis is easy and safety. Dräger DrugCheck® 3000 consists of two components: a sampler (smear) for obtaining a sample of saliva and a test cassette for analysis. The test cassette contains a liquid buffer and a window with two test strips that represent the control and test lines. The test is carried out in three steps: take a sample of saliva, shake (shake) the test cassette, wait a short period and start the test. The color of the probe indicator (swab) disappears as soon as enough saliva is selected for the test. If the test result is negative, the line will be displayed next to the appropriate class of substances (drugs). This means that none of the target substances have been detected in the sample. If the line does not appear next to one of the classes of substances, then the result for this substance is positive. At the same time, there is a check on 5 classes of substances with thresholds of determination (in brackets the indicated concentration is detected): SOS - cocaine (20 ng / ml), OPI - opiates (20 ng / ml), AMP - amphetamine (50 ng / ml) , MET - methamphetamine (50 ng / ml), TNC cannabis (15-40 ng / ml). Of the substances listed, cannabis is the most frequently consumed drug, but it is the most complex of all compounds to determine it. This is why there are 2 variants of the TNC test - cannabis: fast (displays a quantity of 40 ng / ml or more after only 1 minute) and sensitive (can detect 15 ng / ml after 3 minutes). Storage temperature from + 4 ° — to + 25 ° —; operating temperature from + 5 ° — to + 40 ° —, relative humidity from 5 to 95%. The test kit does not have electrical parts, making it safe for use in explosive areas, and at any place of the event.



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