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Dräger Interlock XT

Dräger Interlock XT alcohol blocker


Применение алкоблокиратора Dräger Interlock XT на особо важных местах работы человека


Водитель общественного транспорта выполняет контрольный тест на наличие алкоголя в выдыхаемом воздухе при помощи новой разработки концерна Dräger (Германия) Dräger Interlock® XT 


Dräger Interlock XT alcohol blocker is breathalyser that blocks vehicle engine start if alcohol is detected in breath. Structurally it consists of two parts: breathalyzer itself and control unit for registration of all information about events related to the operation of the equipment. Authorized person can read all the information from the control unit and transfer it to his personal computer, thus having a complete picture of driver’s actions. Interlock XT alcohol blocker has many programmable functions which allow users to obtain the most convenient configuration. These devices have come for sale first of all into auto shops and into large internet shops. All those, who wish them to buy, may apply to us and they will be advised about Dräger Interlock XT alcohol blocker certified points of sale.

All supplied devices are provided with service support and warranty.
  • Doesn’t let start the vehicle if alcohol is detected in breath;
  • Prevents accidents associated with alcohol abuse;
  • Has high measurement accuracy, long term stability and high selectivity when taking  alcohol samples with electrochemical DrägerSensor;
  • Distinguished for fast readiness for measurement;
  • Protected from manipulations by inspected person;
  • Logs all events in data storage unit for further analysis.

Advantages of Dräger Interlock XT alcohol blocker:

  • Professional patented electrochemical DrägerSensor which reacts only on alcohol vapors, doesn’t respond to other collateral gases;
  • Low exhalation resistance;
  • Memory data for more than 30000 events;
  • Control of attempts to "trick" the device;
  • Measuring range: 0,00-5,00 ‰ (per mille);
  • Simple and easy for operation with both right and left hands;
  • Test results in the form of full-text messages are displayed on backlit display;
  • Conditions of sampling: minimal expiratory volume: 1.0 l;
  • Operating temperature and storage temperature: from -45 ° C to +85 ° C at 20-98 % relative humidity non-condensing, 600-1100 GPa -20 ... +60 ° C;
  • No effect of height changes on measurement result;
  • Possibility of data input into PC for further analysis;
  • Portability and light weight, easy for installation in any car;
  • Power supply: 12 to 24 V, maximum current consumption of < 2A, in standby mode < 20 mA;
  • Time of readiness for measurement: typical less than 25 sec, (less than 10 seconds at air temperature of +20 ° C and up to 3 minutes at a temperature below -40 ° C);
  • Housing: high impact ABS/PC.
  • Calibration interval: typically 12 months;
  • Warranty term: 12 months (when purchasing a certified dealership).

How does Dräger Interlock XT works ? Overview of the alcohol blocker


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 Taking into consideration that the Ukrainian Supreme Council has adopted the Law "About Amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerned increased responsibility for driving the vehicles under the influence of alcohol", the presence of own breathalyzer in a car, similar to existing in service in Traffic police units, has become more relevant. About the size of liability has reported LIGABusinessInform news agency. Investing the sum equal to the sum of one penalty, you get a reliable mean to avoid troubles for many years.




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NEW !!! 
SALES HIT IN THE WORLD FOR MOTORISTS ! New model from Dräger Concern which is expected to be the most popular model among motorists, as it is specifically oriented for private persons.


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The program ALCOMETER by Saturn ® Data International gives you an opportunity to make automated calculation of maximal theoretically possible concentration of ethanol in blood (per mille ‰) depending on the volume and strength of consumed drinks by Widmark formula


 Instruction for use Draeger Interlock XT.pdf (3408.33 Kb)

 Product information Draeger Interlock XT.pdf (269.99 Kb)


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