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Panther DA05, DB6, DF6

Panther DB6 belongs to a class of protected industrial handheld computers and is intended for use:

  • as a navigation device (complete with GPS or GLONASS / GPS receiver and navigation software system);
  • as an individual means of collecting, processing and displaying information in the field;
  • as a universal computer in the vehicles;
  • in industrial facilities;
  • under strong magnetic and radio frequency electromagnetic fields near powerful radio transmitters.

Technical data:  

  • Impact-resistant body is made by casting of aluminum-magnesium alloy;
  • protected from moisture and dust (IP66). Available fully sealed version (IP67 - temporary immersion resistance to the water);
  • regular battery Lithium-Ion High Capacity 3900 mAh (3.6 V) protected from water and dust. Duration of battery products to 12-14 hours (depending on backlight and resource-intensive applications);
  • high-strength threaded metal power connector;
  • connectors are protected with rubber caps (attached with screws);
  • produced in the manufacture of electromagnetic shielding (reduces the likelihood of unauthorized removal of information-contact method.)
  • simultaneous realization of the following options: GSM / GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS (GLONASS / GPS);
  • SIM card interface to operate the GSM / GPRS user selectable in the inner compartment for regular battery;
  • availability slot PCMCIA, USB 2.0 Host ports and RS232/DB9/COM1;
  • docking station (cradle), has ports USB client, LAN 10/100 Ethernet and a slot for charging an extra regular battery;
  • Touch Screen 5 ", 800x480.
  • Delivery of products "pendant" with pre-OS Microsoft ® Windows Vista/7, allows the use of a huge number of applications.

In order to save battery (extended battery life) on the front panel derived key on / off wireless interfaces.

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