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Ultra rugged tablet PC Panther DR10, DK10


This product is intended for use:

as a portable device for collecting, processing and display of information (under OS Windows, Linux) in the field, industrial facilities (high humidity, moisture, static and dynamic dust, low atmosphere pressure, low and high temperature, high mechanical stress, radio frequency, electromagnetic fixed and variable fields)
as a general purpose computer in various vehicles.

The main features of the model Panther DR10, DK10

Small size allows to use the product in a limited space of the vehicle, on panels with a large number of devices. Light weight (about 2kg) provides the highest level of safety of the crew in emergency situations.

The product is equipped with a touch screen 8,4 "(DR10), 12,1" (DK10) and soft keys (buttons) control. The body products made by casting of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which ensures high resistance to external mechanical influences (vibration and shock) and corresponds to protection class IP64.

All the connectors are provided with the product for the rubber plugs to protect them from moisture and dust. The product is equipped with a battery that provides a stand-alone product for a duration of 2 to 4 hours. The hard drive is installed in a removable module on special shock absorbers.

Pluggable hard disk or electronic also allows you to quickly replace the drive when it fails, raise the level of information security (plug-in module can be easily removed and can be stored in the safe).

For this product is an option of additional electromagnetic shielding (protection) against electromagnetic radiation from a remote non-contact and material removal of confidential information.

The product can be quickly installed in the vehicle using a special bracket with the possibility of locking in the lock; as promptly produced its dismantling.

Tablet computer Panther DK10 passed 22 tests for resistance to external factors (WWF).

AUC Panther DK10 can be installed on the platform extension having an extra set of ports. Similarly, installing into a torpedo car.

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