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A880-13-QM67, A880-15-QM67 and A880-17-QM67

Product intended for use:
as an individual means of collecting, processing and displaying information in the field: high humidity, rain, static and dynamic dust, low blood pressure, low and high temperature, solar radiation;
as a universal computer in the vehicle (car, helicopter, plane, sea and river vessels, rail transport, etc.) in terms of vibration, shock, roll, spray, salt fog, and other external factors;
in industrial facilities, particularly in the chemical processes in aggressive media: the hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and others;
in a strong magnetic (up to 1000 A / m for the magnetic field of industrial frequency) and radio frequency electromagnetic (up to 30 V / m at a frequency of 4000 MHz) fields near powerful radio transmitters in electrolysis plants, etc.

Technical advantages
Notebook A880-13-QM67, A880-15-QM67 and A880-17-QM67 IP65 compliant.

The method of separate sealing the shell and removable containers: when hit aggressive environment inside any compartment, this hostile environment does not fit into other compartments.

The body is equipped with additional stiffeners, which ensures stable operation of the product in conditions of intense shock and vibration.

Notebook hard drive installed on special shock absorbers in a sealed removable module. The user can quickly replace the module on its own.
LCD display is protected by impact-resistant glass, with a special anti-reflective coating.

Optional impact-resistant glass can be replaced by a touch screen.

In vehicles A880-13-QM67, A880-15-QM67 and A880-17-QM67 are equipped with antivibration platform with the bracket that secures the position of the LCD display laptop.

In the basic configuration the laptop comes with a high-strength metal bayonet (military) power connector type SR.

For this product have the option of an additional electromagnetic shielding.

The base configuration includes high-strength (guaranteed up to 20 million keystrokes per key), rubber backlit keyboard shortcut that allows you to work in low light conditions or in its absence.

The base configuration includes waterproof positioning device resistive type touch pad - touch pad, which works even with full filled it with water.

The laptop has passed 36 tests for resistance to external influencing factors (WWF), including resistance to:
single shocks (100g) and the impact of repeated action (15g);
Effects of sinusoidal vibration in the working mode (amplitude 6g, frequency 5-500Hz);
low (-20 ° C) in a special performance and a high (50 ° C) temperature in the operating mode;
condensed atmospheric precipitation (ineyu and mildew) in operating mode;
low blood pressure (18.82kPa) in operating mode (12000km above sea level);
rain and salt spray in the operating mode;
Effects of static and dynamic dust in the working mode;
Effects of hydrogen sulfide and multicomponent gas mixture (ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide) in the working mode.

Base configuration of A880-13-QM67, A880-15-QM67 and A880-17-QM67:

  • Anti-Reflection glass
  • Rubber backlight keyboard
  • Military DC-in 3-pin connector (input 19V)
  • Chipset QM67
  • CPU i7-2610UE 1,5GHz (max. 2,4 GHz, cache 4MB)
  • Built-in LAN 1000/100/10 card
  • External ports and connectors: ExpressCard 34/54, LAN 1000/100/10, PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse, IEEE 1394a, Mic-in, Audio- in, Audio-out, VGA(RGB), LPT, 4xRS-232/422/485 (selectable in BIOS), MIL DC-in 3-pin
- 2xUSB 2.0, 1 x USB 2.0 (current 1A, USB fast charger), Dock-port (for A880-13-QM67 only)
- 2xUSB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 (current 1A, USB fast charger), Dock-port, DVI (for A880-15-QM67 only)
- 2xUSB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 (current 1A, USB fast charger), DVI (for A880-17-QM67 only)
  • Main (primary) battery 8700mAh
  • IP rate: IP65 (with open ports)
  • Operating temperature range :

-20⁰C /+55⁰C (for units with HDD),
-30⁰C /+55⁰C (without pre-heating, for units with SSD OTR -40⁰C/+85⁰C and without DVD-RW)

LCD 13'' XGA 1024x768 LED (for A880-13-QM67 only)
LCD 15'' XGA 1024x768 LED (for A880-15-QM67 only)
LCD 15'' SXGA+ 1400 x 1050 LED (for A880-15-QM67 only)
LCD 17,1'' WXGA+ 1440x900 LED (for A880-17-QM67 only)
LCD picture quality can have lower quality under operating temperature less than 0⁰C -compare with normal temperature operating.

Additional port, interfaces and Special options:
RAM up to 16 GB 204pin, industrial grade, OTR -40⁰C/+85⁰C (2xmodule 8GB), DVD, HDD/SSD/DVD housing kits, PCMCIA, Wi-Fi, BT, WWAN, GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU, TPM, EMI enhancement ( MIL-STD-461F), 2nd (secondary) battery 11.1V/8700mA, 2nd LAN 1000/100/10 card and RJ-45 connector, Fiber optic, CAN interface and connector, Touch Screen, Night Vision control LCD, AC/DC adapter, DC/DC adapter, O/S, Carry bag. 

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