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Drunks and accidents on highways would be less - Head of the Department of GAI MIA of Ukraine Sergey Kolomiets at a press conference on 22 October 2009 said: drivers will be checked for blood alcohol breathalyser (alcotesters)


Department head of GAI Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine Sergey Kolomiets has informed at the press conference of 22th October 2009 that GAI workers are planning to start drivers` alcohol checkup with the help of technical devices, alcometers (alcotests).

On the 22nd October 2009 at the press conference department head GAI MIA of Ukraine Sergey Kolomiets has informed that GAI workers are planning to strat drivers`alcohol checkup in order to exclude human factor with the help of technical devices, alcometers (alcotesters).

MIA and public health Ministry have prepared ajoint order 400/666 about the instruction  confirmation for revealing of  alcoholic intoxication in drivers.  The main distinctive feature of the order: it introduces the highest permissible norm of alcohol content in blood (0,2 promilles) for the first time in Ukraine. 0,2 promille is a level of driver`s relative soberness, as GAI MIA department head Sergey Kolomiets informed.
Norm introduced in Ukraine is the lowest in Europe. It corresponds to the norm of 0.2 ppm in Poland (as in country-initiator of football championship EURO-2012), and is lower than in Russia (0.3 ppm).
Kits purchase (alcotest, printer, necessary accessories) will be realized according to the current legislation of Ukraine.
To the members of mass media Alcotester Dräger Alcotest 6810, printer Dräger Mobile of German concern Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA  were demonstrated as specimen of technical devices.

GAI MIA department head has informed that a new bill is prepared, which provides for fine of 500-600 living wages (8000-10000 uah) for driving a vehicle in drunken condition. At the moment, since November 2008 a fine has made up 2550-3400 uah. At the same time Sergey Kolomiets mentioned that a human life can`t be measured by any money, its importance can`t be compared to any fines. He also noted that there are countries in which drivers are deprived of their driving licence for such breaches once and for all.
GAI MVD department head has noted that the disciplined drivers have nothing to be afraid of, as the abovementioned technical devices will be applied in case of accidents and drivers intoxication signs.

The demonstrated specimen of alcotest and printer has been used for a long time in other countries of the world, particularly in the countries of Europe. This device of German production has shown the best results concerning accuracy, reliability and convenience in the cross-validation testing.


On photo (left - right): mass-media representatives; Department head of GAI Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine Sergey Kolomiets; testing of devices during a press conference.

On photo (left - right): devices "under the microscope"; President of «Saturn Data International» company Rostislav Sherstiuk answers questions from reporters UT-1 television channel "Era"; measurement result recorded on thermal paper and is in the hands of the representative of the Department of GAI MIA.

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