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Standard design for gas industry

Industronic has designed intra-object universal system of loud-speaking communication which in regular situations serves for technological process control and in emergency situations — for elimination of contingencies and solving the following tasks:

  • ensuring high explosive and fire risk objects with qualitative quick-response system of bilateral loud-speaking communication and search that allows to prevent emergencies and protect materials, natural resources and human lives;
  • savings on costs intended for the creation of additional alarm system.


Description to the scheme:

Gas compressor service (GCS) is organized on the basis of one or several compressor stations, irrespective of number of gas-distributing units installed which is located on the territory by the name industrial platform. A compressor station includes the following objects, systems and constructions:


  • technological gas purification unit
  • gas-pumping units
  • fuel preparation, starting and pulse gas unit
  • technological gas cooling unit
  • electrochemical protection unit
  • junction unit (starting chambers and clearing reception device, storage and methanol feeding facility, etc.)


  • starting air system with compressors and cylinders
  • oil equipment
  • water supply point
  • pumping station
  • electrical substation
  • gas-distributing station
  • machine-shop

Compressor station main control compartment (MCC) is equipped with DT type desktop supervisory console. It is the workplace of senior dispatcher. If necessary, the supervisory console can be connected to a telephone line by 3 m flexible cord. Panel keyboard can be expanded up to 112 keys. As a rule, one keyboard block (16 keys) is programmed for the organization of direct connections and the second is used for dialing and entry to telephone network. For the transmission of operational information to personnel situated in machine hall, senior operation engineer and shift engineer may use DT panels installed in local control panels or intercoms DX type installed in machine hall and superchargers hall.

CS master, if necessary, can call up from his study to any supervisory console or intercom.

CS drivers and operators for the establishment of bilateral simplex/duplex operative communication use all-weather explosion-proof intercoms DX type with 2 lines of functional keys and a dialer. Due to modular construction one of DX type intercom can establish from 2 to 6 direct communications with other intercoms. Dialer block allows obtain actually unlimited number of such communications.

Intercoms may be provided with 25 W amplifiers for external horn loudspeakers. Besides, it is possible to connect flashing lamp which will give signals about calls arrived on intercom that is very important in rooms with high noise level.

Intercoms DX type (in quantity from 1 to 2 units) can be installed at each gas-pumping unit to provide simplex/duplex communication with all services within industrial site. Intercoms of this type may also be installed in places of technological gas purification, fuel preparation, start and pulse gas sites, technological gas cooling sites, chambers of gas reception and acceleration, clarifiers, points of gas consumption measurement, oil-equipment sites, gas distributing stations, etc., that is near those objects on which probability of gas leakage exists.

On auxiliary CS objects, such as electrical substations, pump stations, etc., where there is no explosion threat, it is possible to use all-weather intercoms DA type. Each intercom has at least one line intended for communication with dispatcher and one - for group calls to which this intercom belongs.

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