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Standard design for petrochemical industry

Based on Industronic equipment may be created one of the major systems of any enterprise — the system of warning and people evacuation management (SWPEM). Projects, carried out by our company for enterprises of oil, oil refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, are in many respects conformable with standard projects for enterprises of oil and gas industry. That’s why further on we will mention one of the most important functions which Industronic equipment may carry out, namely – the creation of modern warning and people evacuation management system.

Description to the scheme:

SWPEM standard structure:

  • supervisory console
  • amplifier
  • auditory announcement
  • light announcement

 Optionally the system may be supplemented with:

  • broadcasting equipment (digital tuner, CD-DVD player)
  • attenuators for office loudspeakers volume control (in case of emergency announcement loudspeakers automatically will be switched on to full capacity)
  • equipment for backup of critical system knots (central processor, amplifiers, power supply units, etc.)
  • broadband equipment (150 — 7200 Hz) for broadcasting in administrative and common buildings, shopping centers, etc.)
  • interfaces for the connection with other equipment (P-166 complex, ModBus, TC-canal, verbal informants etc.)

Intercoms DX and DXG type are designed for operation in conditions of extremely low temperatures: Intercoms DX type with plastic cable inputs have operational temperatures up to – 20°; Intercoms DXG type with metal cable inputs have operational temperatures up to – 60°.

Intercom DX(S) type with IP 66 protection is intended for operation in very hostile environment: the case is made of special material resistant to influence of various chemical compounds.

DX and DXG type intercoms are authorized for application in dangerous areas: they are explosion-proof (2Exdeib by [ib] IICT4) and have combined protection that includes the following elements of explosion protection:  explosion proof cover in accordance with GOST 51330.1-99; protection «» class in accordance with GOST 51330.8-99, intrinsically safe electric circuit "i" class in accordance with GOST 51330.10-99. Terminal box with terminal panels, protection «» class. Power supply unit for intrinsically safe circuit is placed in a cover with class "d" protection that is provided by means of slot-hole gaps in cover elements. Power supply unit and unit with electronics are made in intrinsically safe version. Spark protection is ensured by application of current and voltage limitation as well as application of Zener's shunting diodes. External cable inputs have also Ex protection. The cases have terminals for earth bus connection.

Control of terminal equipment operability is carried out by continuous automatic monitoring of feeding lines, information about condition and damages being displayed on operator’s console.

A large number of warning areas with individual scenario of evacuation are created by logic division of areas with possibility of simultaneous translation of several messages.

Decrease of financial expenses for the creation of SWPEM may be obtained by application of remote amplifiers on objects that provides for economy of expenses for purchase and cabling.

Calculation of cable section depending on its length and power transferred:

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