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Standard design for power engineering

Within the frames of this project was solved the task of intra-object organization of bilateral operative and dispatching loud-speaking communication at energy generation enterprises. Equipment service conditions are distinguished with high level of technological noise on individual sites, large number of powerful electromagnetic sources, availability of explosive areas.

Main technical objectives of the project:
  • creation of operative and dispatching bilateral loud-speaking communication with all technological sites;
  • creation of loud-speaking searching communication on technological sites and on the territory of the station.


Description to the scheme:

As a technical solution the customer is offered the system of dispatcher’s loud-speaking communication manufactured by Industronic. The basis of the system - is central communication platform (main line), to which devices of all users are connected. The main line is assembled within dispatch control system or technological area (operator’s room). Structurally it is a lockable metal cabinet with IP55 class protection and thermoregulation. All units of a communication platform have light indication of regular and emergency operating modes. The cabinet has built-in power supply unit with reserve rectifier and analog user’s subsystem. Besides, the main line can be provided with basic radio station for integrated radio communication clusters.

The system of an operative dispatcher’s communication provides for supervisory consoles users the possibility to establish bilateral communication with other supervisory consoles and all-weather intercoms, and gives also the possibility of loud announcement in accordance with chosen zone. If necessary these functions can be appropriated to telephone users. The number of keys on the supervisory console corresponds to the number of direct users on the panel (other supervisory consoles, intercoms, direct data base users, analog subsystem users) plus the number of zones for warning. Standard technical solution for intercoms users provides application of one bilateral key for direct communication with "own" dispatcher (unit senior operator, shift supervisor) and loud announcement within “own” technological zone (station block, conveyor).





DT type supervisory consoles may be installed in places of disposition of station supervisor, shift supervisor of an electric shop, senior operator of a unit, dispatcher of motor transportation unit, shift supervisor of fuel and transport shop. These consoles are produced in desktop version and have noise compensating microphone mounted on a flexible anti-vandal arm. Console keyboard can be expanded up to 112 keys for direct calls and communication with warning zones.

DA 004 type all-weather intercom may be installed in machinery hall of a station, motor transportation unit, water intake area, fire team unit (additionally: fuel supply conveyors, wagon trippers for power plants using coal and peat). DA 004 device has built in dynamic noise compensating microphone with narrow directional diagram and 15 W loudspeaker. Structurally DA 004 device is protected from chemical corrosion and has anti-vandal cover and IP 65 class protection. Operational temperature range is from - 40 to + 70°. Besides, intercoms may be equipped with 25 W amplifiers for external horn type loudspeakers. In case when industrial site requires explosion-proof version of intercom, DX (DXG) series with similar functional characteristics may be used.

For the transmission of loud announcements all-weather horn type loudspeakers (if necessary explosion-proof) may be used. Structurally loudspeakers have IP 66 class protection. They are protected from metal and coal dust, the range of operational temperatures is: - 55 …+70°.

Main electric power supply of the system is provided by internal power supply unit, 60 V output converted from 220 V AC. Five 12 V storage batteries (total 60 V) configured in a buffer mode are protected against deep discharge and have battery fuses.

Extension of the project:

Within this project it is possible extension of the system up to 192 users by simple connection of additional terminal devices and boards that will support functioning. This extension can be made on the basis of unified equipment without additional designing.


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