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Standard design for metallurgical plants

In this project the task of organization of an effective communication system for enterprise of metallurgical branch is solved. The system includes the following types of communication: management, loud-speaking, command and search, dispatcher’s and radio communication for cranes, as well as industrial television.

Metallurgical enterprises are characterized by high speeds of technological operations and increased danger for personnel. Therefore communication system serves for the increase of personnel safety and improvement of production controllability (decrease of equipment downtimes, prevention of accidents and spoilage) and comprises communication of all levels of an enterprise. The equipment applied in production areas should be reliable, have high level of protection against external influences (electromagnetic interference, extreme temperatures, acids, moisture, vibration, magnetic dust etc.) and be specially aimed for work of personnel in metallurgical plant. The equipment also should provide uninterrupted communication in any conditions and good legibility of speech in the presence of high noise.



Description to the scheme:

Depending on a metallurgical enterprise size there may be installed one or several Intron-D main lines. As a rule one main line is installed in one main workshop. Central dispatching point is located in a plant management building. Desktop supervisory console of DT type (from 16 to 224 keys) with a telephone font on a 3 m flexible cord and a dialer for exit to a telephone system may be used as the main panel. Each main workshop dispatcher may have supervisory console of DT type (to 224 keys) to which, if necessary, a telephone font on a 3 m flexible cord may be connect.

All desktop (DT) and built-in (DE) panels are made of shock-resistant plastic with vandal proof noise compensating microphone. All intercoms (DA, DX) are equipped with noise compensating microphone and loudspeaker with increased sound pressure. Besides, they can be equipped with 25 W amplifiers for operation with external horn loudspeakers. Cranes may be equipped with hands free intercoms (with a pedal for answers) for communication with panels and mobile handheld transceivers in all workshops of an enterprise. Loud-speaking communication for emergency announcements and personnel search inside workshops consists of 500 DVE 01 amplifiers (output power - 500 W), located in the main line, and horn loudspeakers.

Rolling mill control panel in each rolling shop may have built-in DE type digital panel (if installed in a room), or DA and DX type intercoms (if a control panel is open). From each panel it is possible to establish communication with dispatcher, cranes, mobile handheld transceivers, with other panels, and make announcements through loudspeakers. Besides, it is possible to connect a flashing lamp which will signal about calls arrived on intercom.
In a steel-smelting shop on each furnace control panel and central control panel of MNLZ may be installed built-in DE type digital panel with direct communication and a dialer. The panel connects dispatcher, cranes, mobile handheld transceivers and other panels in the shop, besides it is possible to make announcements through loudspeakers. On open areas of stockyard bay, furnace bay, teeming and auxiliary bays may be installed DA and DX type intercoms for communication with furnace panels, MNLZ and cranes. Besides, it is possible to connect flashing lamp to control panel which will signal about calls arrived on control panel.

Communication from control panels with persons of highest administrative board is of highest priority: it is possible not only to call from a telephone in a study or from mobile phone on any supervisory console, intercom or a mobile handheld transceiver, to make the loud announcement, but also on-the-fly make a selector meeting. Chiefs of workshops, sites and foremen have the possibility also to establish connection via telephone in a study with any supervisory console, intercom or a mobile handheld transceiver and also make any loud announcement.
Television installations at steel works give chance to supervise technological operations on those sites where presence of men is impossible in view of increased temperature, dust content, congestion of poisonous gases (spill of metal control, passing of ingots to heating furnaces and rolling mills etc.).

Project extension:

Within this project extension of the system it is possible up to 192 users by simple addition of terminals and boards supporting their functioning. Extension can be made without additional designing on the basis of unified equipment. In case of application of a large number of user's devices it is necessary to build a network of Intron-D main lines (quantity of main lines in a network is unlimited, communication of main lines is carried out on the basis of standard trunk 1).

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