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SSK 5000

Surface Testing
The Draeger SSK5000 consists of a vial containing a buffer solution and an integrated swab in the cap for sampling. The swab is used to wipe surfaces and, subsequently, test for drugs and their metabolites via the Drager DrugTest 5000
Analyzer System and / or Dräger DrugTest 5000 STK (Test-Kits).

Unknown Substances
Use the swab of the SSK5000 to collect small amounts of, for example, an unknown granular formulation, transfer this into the buffer solution and, subsequently, test this for drugs and their metabolites via the Drager DrugTest® 5000
Analyzer System.

Confirmation Testing
The substance of surfaces and unknown formulation which are transferred into the buffer solution using the SSK5000, can be stored and transported safely in the sample container. For dosing of liquid, the sample container can be modified into a dropping bottle, thanks to a special screw cap. The liquid to be tested can then be separated or reduced for subsequent analysis using droplet dosing.



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