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Roar for life Project

The world experience of passengers protection comes to Ukraine through social initiative «Roar For Life», brand Williams Martini Racing Formula 1, Dräger (Eng. Draeger) equipment, carrier DM-Kievtrans and integrator Saturn® Data International.

The pilots of Williams Martini Racing Formula 1 passed the baton for the collection of video in the project Roar for life around the world.

Williams Martini Racing is a British team of Formula 1, ninefold winner of the Cup of designers, sevenfold champion of the world. Current drivers Felipe Massa (¹19), Valtteri Bottas (¹77). Chassis Williams FW37, engine Mercedes-Benz PU106B Hybrid, tires Pirelli. At the British Grand Prix in 1997 Jacques Villeneuve won the 100-th victory in the team Williams. Thus, the team Williams Martini Racing became the third team in history (after the Italian Ferrari and English McLaren) won a 100th victory in Grand Prix. Williams Martini Racing along with Ferrari and McLaren is part of the big Three teams, "Formula 1" (this follows from the basic statistical indicators), and, by the number of Constructor Cups (WCC) -Williams Martini Racing takes second place, conceding only to Ferrari.


Within 100 days the Roar for life project in Ukraine was supported by 10 000 participants. They filmed short videos simulating automotive engine growl. Users upload videos in social networks with the hashtag #roarua and passed the baton to a friend.

The project sponsor brand Martini assessed activity of participants from Ukraine and transfered 375,000 UAH to support the project.

The funds on the decision of the Roar For Life program coordinators in Ukraine were not spent on idle cocktail parties and receptions, fleeting and billboards advertising the project, but on a long-lasting social result - daily protection of passengers from drunk driving.

By decision of the Roar For Life program coordinators in Ukraine the sponsored funds were invested in the installation of alcolocks Dräger Interlock® XT and Dräger Interlock® 5000 on the busiest and longest bus routes in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It is on these routes since the implementation of the project, passengers can feel more confident and comfortable.

World experience

Sweden became the first European country which has implemented alcolocks. Since 2000 in Sweden alcolocks are installed on commercial trucks as well as on cars of driver-violators. The leader of the implementation of alcolocks is Volvo. Volvo plans to establish optional alcolocks in all of its vehicles by 2020. Noteworthy is information that the world's first taxis were equipped with alcolocks in 1999, it is in Sweden.

In the USA, the first experience of alcolocks application was held in California in 1986 and was extended to drivers violators. By 2013, the laws on the use of alcolocks as a measure to prevent a recurrence of drunk driving have been adopted in all 50 states. According to lawyers, this option of punishment reduces the recurrence of drunken driving more than twice and is a good alternative to a prison sentence for such offense. Term of use of alcolocks for specified cases is from 6 to 12 months, and in some states may be up to 6 years. For example, in Arizona that period is not less than 6 months; California up to 3 years from the date of judgment; in Georgia for the drunken re-ride the judge will take away the licence for at least 18 months and in the last 6 months, the punishment can be mitigated by installing alcolocks; courts in Illinois oblige all the drunk drivers caught for the first time to mount ignition alcolock device on the car and drive with it for at least 12 months, but re-offender sentence terms rise significantly; in Minnesota since the summer of 2011 one can return the confiscated driving license and completely remove all restrictions on driving by driving with alcolocks from 3 to 6 years. In America today, hundreds of thousands of machines are equipped with built-in Breathalyzers.

In New Zealand, the law on the use of alcolocks was adopted in 2012. The list of alcolocks, which are recognized to be installed in New Zealand, including all modifications Dräger Interlock®. Six beer habit earns first interlock

In Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec offender may be sentenced to lifelong application of alcolocks, depending on the driving experience and the gravity of the violations.

In Russia, in three regions: Tatarstan, Moscow and Ivanovskf regions alcolocks were installed on school buses.

Many citizens and public organizations of Japan, Canada, USA, Sweden and some other countries in favor of the mandatory installation of alcolocks to all vehicles without exception, based on the experience of reducing the number of accidents due to prevention of drunk driving.

Alcolocks Dräger Interlock® XT, Dräger Interlock® 5000, Dräger Interlock® 7000 are widely recognized as the best in the world in terms of functionality and reliability parameters, thus, in Fort Worth Texas Interlock® model 7000 is selected for the setting as an exclusive one.

The social significance of the introduction of alcolocks in Ukraine

Drunk driving is in second place in the list of causes of road accidents in Ukraine. During 10 months of 2015 in this kind of accidents suffered 2823 persons. According to statistics, most accidents (15% of the total) occur in Kiev and Kiev region. Also, according to traffic police, for the given period 262 traffic accidents which affected more than 500 people occurred because of drivers of buses and taxis. In Kiev, daily of up to 40 drivers are detained. Since the police started working in the capital 2000 protocol on drivers intoxicated are made.

"Responsible behavior during driving firstly depends on the consciousness of every road user, - says Yegor Kalashnikov, chairman of the Foundation of promotion of road safety. - Our goal was not only to talk about the problem, but also to offer practical tools of solving it. I hope that in the future similar projects will be implemented in all cities of Ukraine. "

Project of implementation alcolocks in Ukraine

Such initiatives already exist for several years in the European countries, but in Ukraine are realized for the first time.

The representative of the Fund of promotion of traffic safety Bogdan Aganin and the director of "DM - Kievtras" Oleg Zubovsky reported at a press conference at the press center of the Information Agency LigaBusinessInform that in December 2015 taxis with alcolocks Dräger Interlock® XT and Dräger Interlock ® 5000 will appear on the streets of Kiev.

Thus, the company "DM - Kievtrans" has become the most socially oriented of public urban transport in Kiev and Ukraine.

The Director of the company Oleg Zubovsky notes that such initiatives bring the transport sector to the European standards, reports

"Our company is social responsible, and on the first place we have the safety of traffic, so we ensure that drivers adhere to safety measures. Our employees support this initiative. Alcolocks installed on routes 587, 231, 463, 455, 194 and 582. Setting alcolocks guarantees the safety of both drivers and passengers. Working in the travel industry, we are primarily interested in the Kiev road becoming as safe as possible, "- said Oleg Zubovsky.

It is possible that next year new protected by alcolocks bus routes will appear and Kiev roads will become a little safer.

Technical issues

At its core, ignition interlock device (alcolock) is a breathalyzer that is built into the dashboard of the car and connected to its electronic system. Before starting the engine driver must pass a standard test for alcohol: exhale air from his lungs into a breathalyzer. If alcohol is not detected or detected less than the permissible norm, the engine can be started.

Obviously, some drunk drivers can ask someone to go for a sober alcohol test, and then go. Therefore, ignition interlock device can be programmed depending on the task in such a way to ask the driver to retest during the trip through the occasional unpredictable intervals. If the driver refuses the test, or alcohol is detected during the movement, the ignition interlock device gives out a signal, which can begin to draw attention to the vehicle, for example, "blinking" outdoor lighting, beep. Contrary to popular opinion, in this case, the ignition interlock device never suppresses the engine as it is dangerous for traffic. The information about failed attempts to pass the test (indicating the number of detected ethanol), refuses to take the test, attempts to falsify expiration (for example, by means of air from the compressor, balloons and other fantasies offender) is saved in memory of alcolock.

Alcolock sensor is a highly selective electrochemical sensor, in which the electrical conductivity of the medium and, respectively, the change in the electrical parameters is suffers changes due to a chemical reaction. The electrical signal is measured and processed by the microcomputer, and the processing result is displayed on the screen and generates control signals.

Periodic calibration is performed with the help of a gas mixture under pressure with a known concentration of alcohol. For high-quality electrochemical sensors, which include firstly sensors Dräger, the calibration period is for 12 months. Other lower-quality sensors may require calibration every 6 months or even 3 months (which the buyer is not always informed about during the selling of products).

To eliminate the falsification of test data devices with the help of certain software options the uniformity of the exhalation, starting flow, thermal flow, temperature and other parameters of exhalation are controlled. The instrument monitors attempts to jump the wires, disconnect the appliance, remove the tube and others.

The camera that captures the driver's facial features can be optionally installed (e.g., the model Dräger Interlock® 7000).

Devices Dräger Interlock® XT, Dräger Interlock® 5000, Dräger Interlock® 7000 operates at temperatures from -45 ° C to + 85 ° C, with the operating temperature of the device being controlled by microcomputer of the device in question.

Ignition interlock device is a smart device. At the initial stage of the project it was decided to adjust the threshold value of alcohol in the exhaled air of 0.2 ppm (according to the instruction ¹ 1413/27858 from 11.11.2015).

During the operation of any device functions and settings can be changed (in this case, reduced) by the decision of the owner of the device.

Economic issues

The cost of implementation in terms of a single instrument installation and set of mouthpieces in the framework of the project is 41 600 UAH.
Which is more than 20% cheaper than in other European countries. For example, in the UK the price of Dräger Interlock® XT set is (at the time of writing this article) £ 1,449.00 + shipping costs + taxes import, 20% VAT + installation, that to applicable exchange rate will be more than 50.0 thousand UAH. In Austria, the price of the Dräger Interlock® 5000 set is (at the time of writing this article) € 1.890 + shipping costs + tax on imports + installation, that to applicable exchange rate will be more than 50.0 thousand UAH.

This savings was made possible by the social position of the manufacturer Dräger and the certified integrator Saturn® Data International, which provided additional discounts on goods and services within the framework of this socially significant project.

We recommend to buy such modern and important equipment from the official supplier certified by manufacturer. Only in this case, you can be completely confident that you buy new goods, legally imported straight from the factory and having a manufacturers guarantee including technical support in the official certified service center. Buying the goods from non-certified vendor, even at first glance at a lower price, you should take into account the actual losses in future and the risks of the purchase of illegally imported or second-hand goods, the loss of warranty in such cases as well as other more serious problems that may appear. The same applies to the purchase of consumables (mouthpieces) as unscrupulous sellers can you put a second-hand mouthpieces, packed in non-original (not from the manufacturer) unhygienic packaging with the appropriate risk medical and legal issues.

Yes, 41 600 UAH per set is also not a small sum. But, let's remember that this is an investment to depent on for many years. This is the best technique of this kind in the world, which is designed and manufactured in Germany.

And let someone from skeptics answer the question: "How much is the life of the passengers?".

You must be grateful to those people who think not primarily about their prosperity, but about road safety and the lives of tens, hundreds, thousands of ordinary passengers and all road users.

Photos from the presentation of the project



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