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Grand meeting of R&M Honored partners in Swiss Embassy in Ukraine


Welcoming speech at the ceremonial meeting is making Swiss Ambassador to Ukraine - Mr. Christian Schoenenberger Welcoming speech at the ceremonial meeting is making the owner of R & M AG - Mr. Martin Reichle
Owner of R & M AG Mr. Martin Reichle is presenting "Synergia Star” decoration to President of Saturn® Data International Company Rostislav Sherstiuk Director of Synergia SE Peter Reznichenko is presenting Diploma of "Synergia Star” decoration to President of Saturn® Data International Company Rostislav Sherstiuk

On September 18, 2012 at the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine took place the solemn meeting of R & M honored partners. Synergia SE, exclusive distributor of R & M solutions in Ukraine, not accidentally chose the most Swiss place in Ukraine – the Embassy of Switzerland. This meeting was attended by special guests: the owner of R & M AG - Mr. Martin Reichle and the Ambassador of Switzerland to Ukraine - Mr. Christian Schoenenberger.

The meeting with welcoming speech was opened by Ambassador of Switzerland to
Ukraine - Mr. Christian Schoenenberger. In his address, he stressed the importance of cooperation between Ukraine and Switzerland, said that this year, in September, there had been an anniversary - 20 years of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Switzerland. He stressed that by now a free trade agreement between Ukraine and Switzerland is in force and it is an important factor in the development of both economies. Also, Mr. Ambassador expressed gratitude to R & M partners for their choosing solutions of Swiss quality.

Further with welcoming speech came out the owner of R & M AG Mr. Martin Reichle. In his presentation he spoke more fully about R & M valuables, that it is the family business, that it is a Swiss company that is focused primarily on high quality of production. The position of the Company remained invariable for many years – leadership in the first physical layer in the construction of SCS. The company is making efforts for focusing mostly on customer needs and therefore they have implemented recently a number of projects: new office and logistics center opened in Switzerland, where logistics processes are fully automated. New regional centers opened in different countries, whose primarily mission is to be closer to the customer. However, all the innovations are introduced with taking into account Swiss traditions and Swiss quality guarantee for all solutions applied.

Grand meeting went on by Reznichenko Peter, Director of Synergia SE – an exclusive distributor of R & M solutions in
, who thanked all partners for cooperation, for their professional and efficient work. In a solemn ceremony, each partner was awarded with "Synergia Star” decoration. This award was designed by Synergia SE in gratitude to partners:

  • For personal contribution, excellent organization and leadership in IT projects;
  • For successfully fulfilled projects with R &M technology;
  • For rendering professional services in IT sector;
  • For professional team management.
Along with other R & M honored partners "Synergia Star” decoration was awarded to President of Saturn® Data International Company Rostislav Sherstiuk by the owner of R & M AG Mr. Martin Reichle.
Saturn® Data International Company, as a partner, thanks Synergia SE and R & M for high appreciation of its work, prospects and cooperation.
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