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Why breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6810 and the printer Dräger Mobile?


One may ask - why the press conference on Oct. 22, 2009 Head of the Department of STI of MIA of Ukraine Sergey Kolomiets as an example of an automatic technical means - breathalyser (Breathalyzer) employees GAI was demonstrated precisely Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6810 and the printer Dräger Mobile?
After all, to eliminate "human" factor in the screening for the presence of alcohol in the blood of drivers, there are many other Alcotest different manufacturers, many of whom seem to be cheaper than this kit. Consider this question in detail.
Breathalyser (Breathalyzer) - a device for determining the amount of alcohol in the blood (no blood directly) by measuring the concentration of alcohol vapors in exhaled air and application of conversion factors determined experimentally. When you inhale air enters the lungs and oxygen enriches the blood vessels, "taking away" from the blood vessels in carbon dioxide and saturated with alcohol vapor. Pairs of alcohol present in exhaled air from any person not even drinking, but its concentration compared with the established norm of 0.2 ppm is usually incomparably small (10-100 times less). According to some publications, there are exceptional cases in which the level of alcohol in the blood does not drink alcohol people noticed, however, such cases in practice are extremely rare and require separate analysis and study. Professional Alkotester "miss" the top layer of exhaled air and measure only "deep" layer, which is actually in contact with the blood vessels of the lungs and carries information about the concentration of alcohol in the blood.



There is no doubt that the divisions of road patrol services shall apply only professional equipment designed for operation more than a year in demanding the "field" conditions.
Also, there is no doubt that the driver must be sure of the reliability of the measurement results, and the impossibility of fraud referred to "human" factor.
The results of measurements, respectively, should be recorded in a printout, stored in a memory device, if necessary, also stored in computer memory, so as not to find out who and where the court looked at what angle and whether something can be seen on display (yes whether to include all apparatus).
Professionalism (aptitude) units for this application as defined by legislation determine Ukrmetrteststandart by making devices in the State register of measuring devices (as measured by physical quantity and there are concepts of accuracy, range, Calibration interval, other concepts of metrology) and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine by making in the State Register of medical equipment and medical products in Ukraine (by ensuring the harmlessness of this procedure for a person).
The above procedures are complex, lengthy, include a survey of production of the manufacturer, holding a large number of tests and documentary evidence.
Thus, the "fallen away" another 90% of proposals "pokonkurirovat" with instruments of German company Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA.
It is important to note that the only concern Dreger devices are used in Ukraine for over 10 years, starting with models Dräger Alcotest 7410, Dräger Alcotest 7410 Plus Com, Dräger Alcotest 6510, and ending already known to us Dräger Alcotest 6810.
Accordingly, these devices "legalized" in Ukraine long before the order № 400/666.

These devices have proven themselves for long time operation with the best hand and are widely used in health institutions, enterprises with an increased risk of human actions - nuclear power plants, chemical plants, aircraft factories and many others. The total fleet of these devices in Ukraine stands at a concentration of about 500 devices.
After appearing on the market of cheap, and as practice shows, often "disposable" products, customers started coming very demanding to question not only of the start price, but the actual operating costs, frequency of repair, real-life, performance.
That is what explains the use of breathalyser development and production concern Dräger more than 70 countries worldwide and the number of sales of approximately 200 thousand devices. Devices have proved themselves in all countries on different continents.
No company Alcotest manufacturer can boast such results.
How is this explained? It is very simple.
The German company Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA (abbreviated it. - Dräger, Eng. - Draeger, russ. - Dreger, sometimes referred to as Dragor name) has been around for over 120 years and including 60 years working on research, development, production of professional measuring instrument to determine alcohol concentration in human blood in exhaled air.
No company in the world has such a range (both produced by types Alcotest) as Dreger.
In fact, this is not the only achievement of the group, which is known worldwide as a manufacturer of professional equipment for emergency services (breathing apparatus, helmets, masks, respirators, compressors, chemical protective suit, cooling vests, thermal imagers), labor-protection services - gas analyzers to more than 1000 gases and mixtures, special services - professional diving outfit. Many products have unique characteristics. That's why many Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry offices are staffed for years by technical means Dräger. At comparable costs for the purchase, price / quality ratio for Dräger is the best.


The photo (left - right): a set of Breathalyzer (breathalyser) Dräger Alcotest 6810 and the printer Dräger Mobile; Vice-President of the Company «Saturn Data International» Michael Luchuk prints the test results using the optical interface Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6810 printer Dräger Mobile; printer Dräger Mobile with printing on thermal paper with a long-term stability (7 and 25 years on the customer's choice), which automatically include the results of the test, test number, date, time and prepared the fields for filling.
Остановимся исключительно на тех особенностях, которые выделяют Dräger Alcotest 6810 среди конкурентов:

• Compact,
• Fast willingness to work (after 6 seconds after switching on) and speed measurement 3 ... 10 seconds (depending on the concentration of alcohol) and accurate (relative error 1.7%) analysis;
• 1 / 4 "DraegerSensor electrochemical sensor with optimized dynamic characteristics rapidly and selectively reacts exclusively on alcohol;
• Sampling is controlled by a microprocessor;
• non-overlapping air channel prevents any manipulation in the selection of samples of exhaled air;
• In case of termination of expiration, the simulation of expiration, other options of trying to "fool" the unit - the microprocessor will stop the test, the device will issue the appropriate sound and text message, the test should be repeated;
• Patented mouthpiece with a check valve;
• The device is convenient to work as a right or left hand;
• Simple and intuitive menus - control all functions of the measurement is performed using a single button, your menu uses two buttons;
• Low resistance exhalation;
• Ability to test at very low volume of exhaled air;
• Automatic or manual activated sampling, with the withdrawal of quantitative values;
• Short measurement time, even at high concentrations of alcohol;
• Test results are indicated via display, LED and audible signals;
• Memory for the last 2270 test results with the test numbers, date, time;
• Work at subzero temperatures;
• Ability to print protocol via an optical interface;
• Ability to transfer data to PC. 

 Let's also a number of characteristics of the printer Dräger Mobile:
• Ease of use (one button);
• Quiet high-quality printing;
• Optical interface printer allows you to quickly implement the wireless reception of data from the Breathalyzer;
• thermal printer requires no ink or toner;
• Thermal paper with long-term stability (7 and 25 years).

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