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Telecom Behnke

Behnke telecommunication products are a quality and safety garantor. They are destined for using at industrial and urban enterprises: airports, underground stations, houses and security check-points.

Behnke communication and control systems are industrial telephones, safety communication instruments, security check columns, road timing generators, speakerphone systems. A wide range of production involves entrance door intercoms, street emergency assistance and dispatch lift communication systems.
All Behnke production combines german quality, modern design and advanced technologies. It contributes to enhancement of production efficiency by minimization of low quality systems expenditures.


Company offers

Industrial telephones
Промышленные телефоны
Calling columns
Колонны вызова - cтойки из высококачественной стали
Emergency telephones
Телефоны и колонны экстренного вызова Телефоны и колонны экстренного вызова
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